About Guriya Ansar

Currently based in Lahore, Guriya Ansar is one of the pioneers of fashion designing in Islamabad. Being passionate about fashion and realizing the lack of fashion houses in the capital city Guriya Ansar set up a workshop and a boutique in 1988. The brand became a trendsetter as it introduced its informal and formal pret wear, a novel concept at that time in Pakistan. The exquisite designs and great aesthetics made the brand popular in a very short span of time. Guriya Ansar went on to open her second outlet at the Marriott Hotel Islamabad in 1992, one of the most prestigious locations in Islamabad even today. In the following years Guriya Ansar relocated to Lahore along with her workshop which expanded due to the brand’s increasing success and popularity.

Since the beginning the design philosophy of Guriya Ansar has entailed absolute emphasis on tastefulness, elegance, comfort and most important of all affordability. Whilst not compromising on quality, the brand has always focused on combining current trends with its own style. Keeping that in mind, the clothes are sophisticated yet tasteful. A brand that is meant to be worn, enjoyed and give self confidence. Keeping in mind the needs of a dynamic and confident woman of today regardless of age, a large emphasis is also placed on comfort, which remains the cornerstone of the brand’s design philosophy.