Haute Couture By Guriya Ansar

Haute Couture is an integral part of the specialization at Guriya Ansar. Extreme attention to detail is the most significant aspect of outfits within this range especially a bridal outfit which remains in focus for a protracted period of time, hence making it an experience of a lifetime and something that can be passed down generations. Our haute couture in addition to being specific to a client’s demand is also an eye catching work of art subsumed with exciting colour combinations, a diversity in ‘tankas’ and materials. For this particular range, we are quite obviously always mindful of a client’s point of view and will endeavor to incorporate the same in their outfits without sacrificing the brand’s signature style and philosophy and always making sure it comes within the clients’ price range. Guriya Ansar is currently based in Lahore and orders for bridals and wedding wear can be made through prior appointment.

Formal and Bridal attire is available through appointment only. Please contact us through our website, email or Facebook and Instagram pages for further information.